Welcome to JK's Joke & Novelty Co...

Here's a bit about us!

JK's Joke & Novelty Co is one of the last, if not the only surviving "true" Joke shop & Theatrical Supply company left in the world. We're an everlasting memory of the 1970's jokeshop experience. With our shop once based in the heart of Swansea city centre, we continue to provide joy and laughter with our amazing, unique, high quality- and many welsh and british manufactured Joke and Novelty products.

For those interested in theatrcial supplies, in is certainly safe to say comfort is found in how outstanding our theatrical products are. Almost all theatrical products are proudly british made in our welsh facory. You will always receive the very same outstanding products time and time again, to help your performaces and performers reach their very best potential.

Our original shop

JK's Joke and Novelty company has been around since the 1960's- here's a photo of our premises in 2022! Unfortunately, due to a decline in our founders health, we closed the premises permanantly later on that year.